It Takes a Village to Raise an Artist!


I love the saying, it takes a village to raise a child, but I am growing into the realization that this rings true for artists as well. We all can rhyme off the names of those who have encouraged, mentored, challenged and supported us along the way.

I am currently working on a body of work for a show in September that is stretching me into the unfamiliar. I am needing to rely heavily on my village/community to see me to the finish line. I have been tapping into the accumulated wisdom of past teachers, and seeking out ideas from colleagues to learn about new materials and solve problems. The work and experience of other artists challenge me to strive higher and deeper. I often ring up or e-mail family and friends that are eager to cheer me on when I get frustrated with the failure of a process, feel a lack of confidence, or am obsessing about a looming deadline.

For this show I have also received a grant from the Region of Waterloo Arts Fund. This will assist with the expense of materials, and also expands my experience of community. This is another layer of support that affirms me in my artistic vocation and helps me to focus on the creative process.

For all the ways in which these varied communities support me, I am very grateful!

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