Spirit of Change

Mackinac Skies by Deborah Pryce

A weekend away!  What an incredible gift to my creative energy.  Senses were heightened and ideas flowed unexpectedly on the return trip to the familiar.

This past weekend my husband I enjoyed the gift of time away.   An opportunity to meet new people, see new sights, taste great food, and relax in a cosy B&B.  As we drove home from this adventure full of new experiences, suddenly I drank in even the most subtle changes in the evening sky with renewed joy, as my mind took in the amazing paint palette spreading before me.   I was seeing the familiar with new eyes, almost as if my sight had been suddenly taken away and miraculously restored.  Even the familiar had a newness.  

In my studio I am preparing for a show with the working title of “Spirit of Change.”  The evolving pieces explore the process of rebirth that happens in the transitional times in life.  It is often easier to stay with the tried and true, claiming “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”  But what do we miss by not risking enough to experience the possibilities of the new, the different, the other?  Rebirth can not happen, and we easily stagnate in our safety.

I aim to hold on to the feeling of marvel that I experienced this weekend as I journey deeper into creating new pieces.  Pushing away the fears of starting something new, I want to celebrate the possibility of life-giving renewal and renewed vision in middle of the journey into, and through, change.

P.S.  I am debating between the “Spirit of Change” and “Spirit in Change” for my show title.  I would love to have your thoughts and vote!

8 responses to “Spirit of Change”

  1. A great beginning, Deb. Rooting for you in my corner. 🙂

  2. Hi Deb! The painting is full of wonder and joy. I like “Spirit in Change.”

    1. Thanks M-Jay! I’m delighted that you feel wonder and joy in this piece and thanks for your vote.

  3. Janet Bennewies Avatar
    Janet Bennewies

    Very stunning! Love the pictures. Either title would be appropriate!

    1. Thanks for taking time with my art Janet and for your vote on the title of my upcoming show.

    1. Thanks Lavender Turquois, for sharing “Spirit of Change”!

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