Break Through

Break Through #1

 “There’s a crack in everything and that’s how the light gets in.” – Leonard Cohen, Anthem.

The difficult stuff in life has a way of tarnishing our lustre, hardening us or pulling us into our cocoons. So, too, the creative spirit easily gets crusted over from neglect, fear of failing, disappointments, or even by the safety of the tried and true.

How energizing to be reminded that there is potential for new beginnings and growth in the most rigid or stuck thoughts, or the crustiest scars left behind from the disappointments of life.

Experimenting with clay, painted fabric and acrylic, and discovering new ways of integrating these media, has cracked opened a window in my creativity and allowed the unexpected to flood in. I am enjoying the freedom that has come from blurring the boundaries of the traditional two-dimensional canvas. As this body of work has expanded I am finding that the themes of beginnings, endings, transitions and transformations surface in the sculptural forms, shadows and textures.They call me to embrace the changes in my life, community and world, and to let the light shine where it will.

4 responses to “Break Through”

  1. Great stuff.

  2. I love your creativity in all of your pieces and they are done so well. Keep up the good work Deb.

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