Deborah Pryce is a multi-media artist living in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, who dives into anything that endulges her passion for creating or helps others express their creativity.

As a newish resident of Nova Scotia, her current journey is one of exploration and discovery as she embraces this vibrant province full of history and rugged beauty.

Deborah is pleased to announce her invitation to show her work at the Quartet Gallery in Lunenburg. Pop into view the work of Colleen Galloway, Jane Rowberry, Laurel Haslett, Pat McKenzie and Deborah Pryce. http://www.quartetgallery.com

Deborah is happy to share her passion and creative journey with you!


2 comments on “About

  1. Hi Deb,
    Recently took up watercolour painting. Love your work, and see that some of your pieces are multimedia. Can you tell me which of your posted works are watercolour only. Your building paintings? Nature/flower images?

    • Hi Tom,
      Thanks for your interest in my work and congratulations on exploring another way to express your creativity! It interesting that you ask me about watercolours. That is the medium that I started with about 30 years ago. After a while I found myself getting stuck in a very rigid, technical style and so I moved to acrylics to help me loosen up and experiment. These days I use watercolours mostly for sketching and when I am travelling. Most of my watercolours in earlier days were house portrait commissions. All the pieces on my website are painted with acrylic, either on canvas or clay.
      All the best as you experiment with this most versatile medium!

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